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If we define love as that, then yes, cats love. But love, in the human sense of the term, is much more than that!

The cat fulfills its primary needs and seeks to gain resources. As the good consultant that I am, I learned to never try to do it, for the sake of objectivity. It is more accurate to try to understand what motivates the animal to express and repeat its behaviours. It is through this method of rigorous analysis that ethologists can explain the emotional reactions and actions of animals.

If an animal reacts a certain way to a stimulus, behavioural biologists establish complex experimental analyses to target and understand the motives behind the observed behaviour. The process is often long and tenuous, as several parameters need to be taken into consideration.

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For example, an individual may have to be isolated from birth to determine if a behaviour is innate. Ethology or the science of animal behaviour is a relatively recent science. Not so long ago, humans were believed to have a monopoly on emotions. Although much work remains to be done in ethology, research has sufficiently advanced to allow us to better understand the emotional experience and cognitive abilities of many species. I deplore the fact that many people refuse to question their anthropomorphic opinions, even if we base our justifications on recent scientific findings in behavioural biology.

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Why is this so? Since I study the behaviour of cats and not that of humans, I sought the help of psychologist Jack De Stephano, author and lecturer.

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I asked him to explain the phenomenon of anthropomorphism so that I could better understand the people who use my services. According to him, many reasons justify the desire to adopt a pet. For many, the pet fills a more of less conscious emotional void.

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In other words, it fills a need for love. Is this not the ideal love? So, how to understand that a client refuses to listen to the professional they have hired to help them modify the undesirable behaviour of their pet?

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Especially when this behaviour is caused by human actions resulting from an erroneous anthropomorphic interpretation? Our somewhat over the top love of cats is one of the reasons we started dating. Yes, we also did not take vacations for more than three consecutive days, because we had four cats. J'adore la Baie de Somme et les plages du Débarquement en Normandie où j'aimerais y retourner.

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